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Thank you for visiting my site. I have been providing barefoot trimming and hoof rehabilitation services since 2008. I take pride in my workmanship and ability to take care of each horse's unique hoof care needs. I also understand that good communication with horse owners and good horsemanship is key to a successful relationship with clients.   

My wife and I have owned horses for 20 years. When our barefoot trimmer retired due to a back injury, I began training with Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners. In 2008, I began barefoot trimming full time. I enjoy taking on challenging hoof rehabilitation projects and teaming with horse owners to come up with good solutions for their hoof problems.    

Take a look at some of my hoof rehabilitation projects and new ideas. I'm a believer in second chances and new beginnings.    

Methods Used: Pete Ramey, Jaime Jackson

Member, Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners

 Currently serving Placer, Eldorado, Sacramento, and Yuba County.

Mark Lubin

(916) 276-9977

[email protected]

 Regular hoof care performed by a Natural Hoof Care Practitioner may prevent or control many common problems affecting horse's hooves.