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"I had been looking for glue on shoes for a long time. My mare cannot go bare foot. She needs shoes and they are way too hard on her. Mark took Dolly's boots & cut them custom for her and glued them on. Dolly is very comfortable with them and doing great. Thank you Mark for helping my wonderful mare."

Diane Don Caldwell

"Also Missy the pony is as different as day and night. Everything Mark did for her was what the vet said. Can't ask for more. He saved my sweet old pony from being put down."

Diane Don Caldwell

"I have been a customer of Mark’s for almost 3 years. He has a wonderful way with horses and people, making them feel comfortable and at ease. My horse, Maggie, had one abscess after another. Mark took over the trimming and with his advice and care, Maggie hoof health has improved dramatically. I can highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an honest, knowledgeable, and caring professional hoof trimmer."

Elaine Loza

"Mark Lubin is the best barefoot farrier around. I have a particularly difficult pony who founders twice a year. Each time, Mark has brought her back from the brink. He has a strong knowledge of angles and structure and knows exactly the right method for keeping any horse sound. Not only is he an excellent horseman but is friendly, kind and willing to come out for any emergency. Couldn't imagine having anyone else taking care of my ponies."

Jenny Powell